Want to Port From Aircel? Facing Issues in aircel network, not getting any network, Read the full process to port from aircel without network


Port Out From Aircel To Any Network , Port Aircel into Jio , Port Aircel to Airtel
 – Hi Guys , Today I am Going To Tell You About How To Port From Aircel To Any other Operator like 'Jio', 'Idea', 'Airtel', 'Vodafone' Etc. We Heard Many Rumors Regarding The Aircel Telecom Operator.

Many Says That Aircel is Shutting Down its Services From India and They Will Not Continue Their Network From On wards Even Peoples Are Not Getting The Aircel Network From Last 2-3 Weeks.

But, Every Thing Seems Working Fine Now & Peoples Are Started Getting The Aircel Network in Their Smartphones. According To Aircel Tweeter Support It Was Just Technical Issue From Them & Every Thing Seems Normal Right Now.

It Turned Out to Be Rumor & Nothing Else By The Aircel company. They are sending Messages to Customers and saying that its all nohing but Rumors and we will continue provideing services to our customers.

But here is Big Question that How to Port Out From Aircel Into Any other Operator?  As During Network Coverage Issue We Are Not Getting The Unique Porting Codes From Operator Which is Very Essential to Port Out From Aircel. Aircel is Not Sending The UPC (Unique Porting Code). But We Have Found The Method to Port Out From Aircel With Unique Method to Get The UPC Code.

How to Port From Aircel?

Things Needed To Port Out From Aircel :
    Aircel SIM Card
    SIM information App (Playstore Link)
    Any Working Mobile Number

    First Of All, Its Very Essential to Get The Unique Porting Code To Submit Port in Request to Other Operator , But Aircel is Not Sending The UPC Codes, Follow Below Method & You Will Get Port Code Without Aircel Network 

    1, First Download SIM information App From Playstore
    2. Now Call On This Number From Any Operator
    9852012345(Aircel Cust Care From Other Operator)

    3. It Will Ask To Put Your Aircel Number – Just Put it
    4. It Will Ask to Put last 5 digits of your sim number (You Can Get That From Above Downloaded SIM Information App)
    5. Bingo !! You Will Get Unique Port Code (UPC) Without Aircel Network
    6. Now Follow Standard Porting Method to Port into Any Available

    If Above Number is Not Working Then You Can Try Below Numbers As Well –

      Bihar & jharkhand : 9852012345
      Delhi : 9716012345
      Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345
      Assam : 9854012345
      Kolkatta : 9804012345
      Tamil naidu : 9750999209 /9551299210
      Chennai : 98410 12345
      Haryana : 9802012345
      Himachal Pradesh : 9857012345
      Karnataka : 9738012345
      Kerala : 9809012345
      Madhya Pradesh : 9806012345
      Maharashtra : 9762012345
      Mumbai : 9768012345
      Orrisa : 9856012345
      Punjab : 9803012345
      Uttar Pradesh : 9808012345
      West Bengal : 9851012345.
        If this Method is Not working then You Can Use this Alternate Method For port From Aircel Network Or getting Coverage In Your Aircel Sim.

        I can understand what you are feeling now. If my network disappear suddenly I would also be worry. I tried to give you almost every method for Aircel port but they all valid if you are receiving signals, but you are not getting signals then what to do now? I got a Alternate Method for port if you are not receiving Aircel signal. Please follow this trick.

      • First of all open your setting app

      • Go to Mobile network and click on the option called Search for Networks Manually
      • Wait for few minutes till search complete and click on the BSNL option
      • After clicking on it, you will see that you got networks
      • Now apply for Aircel port by following above method.
      • All the best, I hope you get out of this problem as soon as possible.

      • If All the Tricks Are Not Working Then Simply Go To the Store Or Dealer of Network in Which You Want To Port Your Aircel Network They Will Do all the Process Becuase they have The Authority To Transferd Network From One To Another.

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