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Hello Friends welcome to my blog, In this post i am going to tell you about the latest and very useful news of Jio Prim Membership for all of you. As i know and According to google approx 108 million users are using Jio Service and as per Jio's Plans and Policy their Prime Member Subscription will be ended on 31st March But what after that? Is users are not able to use their plans? Is they have to recharge again for prime membership? Is Prime Membership subscription will close by Jio Company? and Millions of question like this but no one know what happen after 31st march. But don't Worry Be with TechBlogHunt We will clear all Your Doubts.

So, Today in this article we are going to discuss, Jio Prime Membership Subscription. what about Jio Prime Membership after 31st March 2018? How to Renew jio Prime Membership after March 2018?
Jio Prime Membership renewal, Jio Prime Membership after march 2018 and Much More things going to Clear today in this article. So please Read the Article Full.


Why Jio Prime Membership Subscription Comes in Picture?

As We all know that Jio company and Owner Of Jio Mr. Mukesh Ambani Plans and distributed Jio sim's in Huge quantity with free without any cost 2 Years back but is all you know that for Build a sim it required some Money or cost but Jio distributed all this sim cards in free But how it was happened and Mr. Ambani is a businessman who knows how to make or recover money that's why he launched Jio Prime Membership scheme to recover all his cost of sims and Promotion fees all this.
I hope this will clear your doubt about How Jio Prime Membership Comes into the picture.

Details About Jio Prime Membership Renewal.

As all of you know or Remember while buying Jio sim card we have to also Bought Prime Membership with 99 rs additional with Jio plan and that also valid for 31st March 2018. Now but after few days 31st March 2018 will come but what will happen after 31st march from 1st April 2018? Let's See in this Post.


Jio's Prime Membership After 31st March 2018 Or From 1st April 2018, What will happen?

There are many misconceptions are there that Jio number will be closed after 31st march 2018 and users are not able to use thier existing plan or Jio will Charge again Rs. 99 from 1st April 2018 for Prime Membership renewal.

Let's clear this Misconception:

  • All of you might be using Jio service from a long while but Have you notice that when your Jio plan's validity is near, they start sending messages and calls to their customers and remind them to recharge their plans for continuing their service. But Right Now or Today is 26th March 2018 and still jio never calls or all of you not getting any messages, calls From Jio to Renew Their Prime Membership.
  • I think it's Good sign for all of us because might all of us not going to pay Jio's Prime Membership Fees again after 31st March 2018 because it was the cost of the sim card which Jio company Charge from us in the name of Jio Prime Membership Fees and we all already paid for this. If jio is asking for Rs. 99 again in this Tight competition then jio might loose their a very good customer base and also become the dumbest network. So i think jio will not want to loose their customers by demanding agian for cost of the sim which they already recovered. 
  • It might also happen that Jio will increase the validity of thier Prime membership after 31st march 2018 for few days or for might be next year for thier New users. 
  • And don't worry your sim will not be closed because you have already made your recharges. If jio do it, it will inform you a few months back.
Watch This Video For More Details About This.

So therefor it can be said that Jio will not going to close thier existing customers sim card if they not recharge thier Prime Membership Subscription and all the users can use thier existing plans on or after 31st march 2018

It might happen that Jio will Bring New plans and offers in which they will add the Prime membership plans fees or they will increase thier plans price in future. Whatever happen in future i think it will be good for us and jio will bring their plans according to thier customers because they never want to loose their  a Huge customer base.

So guys I made this article on " Jio Prime Membership subscription after 31st march 2018." I don't think you will face any problem regarding this post while reading and understanding but If you face any problem regarding this post or any post just feel free to comment on the comment box and contact with me i will definitely answer all your answers.

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